Wingbeats LIVE

Seven young musicians from the Paris Conservatoire's Baschet workshop in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, came together in 2013 to form the Wingbeats Ensemble in response to my 2006 video piece Wingbeats. The children, under the direction of Marie-Jo Mentec, were completely unaware of the original score and rehearsed for many months to create a completely new soundtrack for the film.

The instruments ranged from the more familiar violins, through Korg Kaosillators and virtual Moog, to the exotic Baschet instruments including a small version of the crystal Baschet (made famous in the UK by the spooky title music of the 70's children's TV programme Picture Box). Unfortunately there are no English subtitles for the documentary, but the complete performance can be seen in its entirety below.